On Extraordinary Morning Routines

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I am not a morning person. But I sure wish I was one. I would get so much done. I would be the organized, productive and active person I imagine I could be if I just jumped out of bed a few hours earlier.

In hopes of inspiring myself to become a morning person, I read about other people’s morning routines. Even if it doesn’t actually produce any change in my life, it makes me think – for a short period of time – that it could be possible. Optimism is important in life, isn’t it?

Recently, I stumbled across this website about the Extra Ordinary Routines of creatives. I enjoyed this post about Tina Roth-Eisenberg since I’ve followed her blog swissmiss for a long time.

I also read this ebook a couple of years ago about how the most successful people spend their mornings. I often think about it when I find I don’t have enough hours in the day. Though I’m not sure waking up at 4am would actually help me out – I could probably just use the waking hours I have more wisely – I find it fascinating that other people can operate this way.

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