Thule Chariot Hacks

Thule chariot cougar

Here are some ways we’ve hacked our Thule Chariot to meet our needs

We received a Thule Chariot Cheetah XT as a gift from my in-laws. It was a generous gift and it’s really improved and expanded our ability to enjoy the outdoors with a baby – now a toddler.

Here are a couple ways we’ve ‘hacked’ it to work better for our family:

  1. Waterproof map holder: One day we were hiking in the rain and were constantly taking the map in and out of our backpacks to figure our way back to the car. My husband and I started to discuss how we should make a map holder to attach to the handle of the Chariot, one that we could prop up, easily reference the map, protect the map from rain… Five minutes later we realized, “Wait, what if we just slide the map under the waterproof cover.” And, volia.! Not a million dollar idea, but this is so handy I can’t believe we didn’t figure it out sooner.
Thule chariot map

2. Fix a slipping cover or adjust the placement of the sun shield with adhesive Velcro: Our cover sometimes pops on and off, one of the clips at the bottom doesn’t have a strong enough hold. In addition, sometimes our daughter gets extremely annoyed with the sun shield/screen – it can block too much of her view, but taking it away completely leaves her with the sun in her eyes. We’ve solved both of these problems with some adhesive velcro made for fabric. We stuck a bit on the cover and frame near where the clips attach, which helps keep the cover on. We attached other pieces on the sun shield/screen and frame, which allow us to adjust how low the sun shield/screen hangs.

Those are all the hacks I can think of for the moment, though I’m sure there are other little adjustments we’ve made that I’m missing. If you have a Thule Chariot, have you done anything to make it work for you and your family?

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