Solving the Stinky Dishcloth Problem

I have the misfortune to live in an extremely humid area of the country. We’re right on the coast, and get a lot of rain. While we’re lucky to have a dishwasher, there’s always those few things that need hand washing (big pots), wiping (counter tops), or scrubbing (children’s highchairs). In the past we always used regular dishcloths from the grocery store. However, these cloths would get so stinky and were hard to effectively wash (they always smelled!). Until a better option arrived.

Enter the Swedish Dishcloth. It’s a paper towel, sponge, cloth alternative (better explanation here). Because they dry really quickly, they don’t smell. Occasionally I’ve boiled one in a pot of water to refresh it, which works like a charm. Mine was a gift (thanks mum!) but I see them being sold all over.

My only recommendation? Try and find one that doesn’t have too much white on it (like this). They get discoloured quite easily and I’m certainly not wasting time by bleaching them.

These dishcloths might not make doing dishes more fun…but they sure won’t make it worse!


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