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We’re not American, but if you read any American media it’s hard to escape the anticipation around Thanksgiving. Since we’re living in Europe, I forgot a bit about Canadian Thanksgiving (celebrated in October) – so I feel like I’m getting a second shot at feeling the Thanksgiving spirit.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving I’m sharing a couple of articles on gratitude that I’ve enjoyed lately.

It is such a cliché but, being a new mom, I have so much to be grateful for yet (predictably) forget about how lucky I am when I’m wiping food off the floor or feeling super sleep deprived. Sometimes when I’m lying in bed night –  feeling like I haven’t been my best self that day – I tell myself to think about 3 things I’m grateful for (I learned that from Oprah). It always ends up being a much longer list and reminds me of all the little happy moments in my day – but, most importantly, I usually sleep better and it motivates me to be better and more present the next day.

I often forget to do this, but it looks like research shows I’d be a much healthier and successful person if I kept on doing it.

“We don’t think to be grateful because we’re often too preoccupied thinking about what has recently gone wrong.”– from Fast Company

How being thankful can boost your well-being and success – From CNBC

Happy Thanksgiving to those celebrating!


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