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Between international news, unusual local weather, general climate change warnings, and our government’s continued inaction, it becomes harder and harder to avoid considering the environment when making day-to-day decisions. I love fashion as much as the next person. And we certainly talk about it on here. Clothing is a necessity, but it’s also a fun way to express who we are, and feel good about ourselves.

But then there’s the planet. I feel like I haven’t “figured” out ethical/green/sustainable fashion. There are brands where, for the cost of a dress, I could feed my family for two weeks. There are big global brands that claim to have ethical lines…but are they? Or are they just cashing in on a trend?

Sometimes, when I overthink problems like this, I find it useful to break the problem down into smaller pieces. I don’t have to solve this right now. I don’t have to figure out my stance immediately. I can take small actions to better the environment right now.

Here Anuschka Rees talks about 5 ways to build a more ethical closet. I like her ideas. They’re concrete, simple and achievable. Definitely recommend.

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