Easy At-Home Exercise


As I get older, and my time gets increasingly constrained by work commitments, child commitments, and the urge to spend time with my spouse, fitting in time for exercise has become harder and harder. I’ve never been terribly athletic, but working out on a semi-regular basis makes me feel healthier, stronger and happier. One of […]

Oatmeal: how to make it awesome

bowl of oatmeal with strawberries

Over the Christmas holidays, as the temperatures dipped below -25 celcius, we hunkered down enjoying leisurely breakfasts over large cups of coffee. There were crepes, toasted homemade bread and pancakes. But now it’s January, and we’ve returned to regular life and regular breakfast. In the mornings I need something fast, satisfying, and easy to feed […]

Ethical Fashion

Between international news, unusual local weather, general climate change warnings, and our government’s continued inaction, it becomes harder and harder to avoid considering the environment when making day-to-day decisions. I love fashion as much as the next person. And we certainly talk about it on here. Clothing is a necessity, but it’s also a fun […]