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The days are getting shorter, gingerbread is omnipresent, and the flyers in the mail have increased 10-fold. Ah yes, the Christmas shopping season is upon us.

I enjoy reading the gift guides that pop-up at this time of year. While I don’t have a huge number of people to buy for, and tend not to shop online, I really like leafing (scrolling) through these guides. It’s like a tiny suggestion of future happiness: here, take this, give it to someone, show them you care.

On that note, here’s some gift guides I’ve enjoyed lately:

Swistle’s Gift Guides: I feel like I’ve been reading Swistle’s blog since the beginning of the internet. She’s one of the few bloggers I kept up with after Google Reader disappeared on us (still angry about that). Swistle has a great range of gift recommendations: for kids, for ladies, for people you don’t like.

Particularly useful for? Buying gifts for kids you don’t know very well. No ill-fitting sweaters for you!

Caitlin Hannah’s Holiday Gift Guide: Caitlin Hannah has done a moderately gigantic (114 items!) gift guide for the last few years. I like her taste. Many of the items are out of my budget, but I always get a few good ideas, and it’s fun to see what’s out there.

Particularly useful for? Finding a fancy gift to impress the fancy in-laws you don’t know well. There’s something for everyone in here.

The Frugalwoods: Reader Suggestions: Frugalwoods is a great blog about frugal living, financial freedom, and what happens when you super-commit to your dream. So, the blog is pretty much the exact opposite of my life. But, just today, Mrs. Frugalwoods posted a great article about how they celebrate Christmas (frugally) with some good gift ideas from readers. So this one is also a “how you can celebrate” guide, as well as a gift guide.

Particularly useful for? Rethinking what’s important in your holiday celebrations.


Enjoy the season, folks


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