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I almost always overindulge over the holidays. Often, I want to eat healthier after having a big Christmas dinner and eating 100 cookies, but I don’t feel like eating a salad. I want to eat things that still feel festive and cozy without being too rich. Here a couple of recipes I really like that are healthy but still meet my Christmas-meal criteria:

Spiced roasted squash with crispy kale, wild mushrooms and tahini dressing

I’ve made this twice in the last 3 weeks. It’s delicious and surprisingly easy. I’ve made modifications each time, the kale-squash-onion base lends itself to to a lot of topping options – have fun! I haven’t used mushrooms either time (I didn’t have them on hand the first time and forgot about them the second!) and I also used an Ethiopian spice-mix I had in my cupboard instead of the recommended spices. The tahini dressing is great. The second time I made it I crumbled goat cheese on top and that was a nice combination too. I think it would also taste great with leftover cranberry sauce.

Chard and white bean stew

This recipe is a bit more work, but great if you’re feeding a larger group. We froze a big batch of this before my daughter was born and ate in slowly in the hazy-new-parent-days. It felt like it was giving me all the nourishment I was missing after some middle-of-the-night-cookie-binging-while-breastfeeding sessions. The egg on top really makes the stew, it makes it a bit more rich but, hey, it’s still the holidays.

Happy holidays!


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