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A belated Merry Christmas to all those who celebrate. I hope whatever you’re doing this week you are safe, happy, and doing something you enjoy. As Christina and I enjoy some actual face to face time with each other (and some of those other relatives we love!) we’ve scheduled a few posts with reading recommendations. Whether you’re trying to avoid your nearest and dearest, or silently reading in the same room as relatives is considered quality family time, we hope you’ll enjoy some of what we recommend.

Today? “They Call It Syria Town” by Kate Wallace, on The Deep

“In a shrinking city in Canada’s only shrinking province, one of the country’s largest Syrian refugee communities has found an unlikely home. Inside the tentative transformation of one family, and one city.”

Two years ago the Canadian government brought more than 40,000 Syrian refugees to Canada. This article tells the story of one family, in one community, in one corner of the country.

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