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I’ve been consuming too much news media this week. Have you been able to read about Harvey Weinstein’s decades long campaign of sexual assault, harassment and rape, without wanting to punch someone? No, me neither.

Several times I’ve made the mistake of reading the comments. Bad idea. It’s always the woman’s fault: they always should have come forward sooner, or just walked away, or not been afraid for their livelihood and personal safety when being threatened by a powerful man. It’s painful to read.

Into this atmosphere of my fury I present this article from The Cut, written by Ellen Pao. You may remember Pao as the woman who filed a gender discrimination suit against a Silicon Valley company. I’d only been vaguely aware of the case, but her tale of it is fascinating. A warning: the article isn’t a particularly easy read, if you’ve had a tough week. Do what makes you feel comfortable.

On a more proactive note: do you have children in your life? I like this article about teaching kids, of various ages, about consent. Frankly, some of the language could be used on adults I know.

I’m going to go home tonight, and hug my daughter, and pretend the outside world will never treat her as less of a person, because of her gender. Then I will tell her she’s strong, and brave. I will tell her she can be anything she wants to be. Because I have to believe that’s true. I hope that tomorrow the world will seem like a kinder place.

Take care of yourself, and your loved ones. Remember to support women, and believe women.


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