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As I mentioned previously, I have (surprisingly) come to enjoy gardening in my adulthood. Autumn is a great time to reflect on what grew well this summer, make plans for next year, and plant some perennials.

Here’s some resources I’ve found particularly useful lately:


GardenWeb is a collection of forums on a vast array of gardening topics. It’s a great place to ask a question, or search for others’ real-life experiences. While you will get a variety of responses there are some very experienced gardeners on there who will be happy to help you out.


SavvyGardening is a blog run by four female garden writers. Their posts tend to be to the point and informative. At this time of year, I recommend this article about preparing, or not preparing, your garden for winter.

Garden Zones

In Canada and the US, we use plant hardiness zones to define the area in which a specific category of plant is capable of growing. It’s a numeric scale, with lower numbers indicating colder temperatures.

It’s useful to know what zone you live in, as any plant tag, or online reference page, will tell you what zone a plant can survive in. One little trick? The Canadian and American zones are based on different standards, so do not correlate. Generally a Canadian reading an American source should subtract 1 from their zone to determine the American zone (so my 6b Canadian garden is a 5 under the US system).

Hope this helps!

Happy gardening,


Garden zones conversion | ourguidetotheeveryday.com

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