Weekly Reads: girls in dinosaur dresses and baking a cake

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Princess Awesome

Raising a daughter has been challenging and fascinating and occasionally terrifying. One of the best parts has been watching her discover the world around her and take an interest in new things. She loves purple and pink, dinosaurs and construction equipment, dresses and fast cars. I have certainly bought her clothes from the “boys section” because I knew she would like them, but it would be nice if clothing manufacturers could recognize the diverse interests of girls.

Luckily Princess Awesome feels that way too. They make dresses with dinosaurs, fire engines, dragons and so much more. Definitely awesome.

dinosaur dress
Princess Awesome “Mesozoic Mischief” dress – c/o Princess Awesome

Food52: Recipe Scaling

Ever gone to bake a cake only to realize that you don’t have the correct pan size? Or you only want to make a 6-inch cake instead of a 9-inch? I suggest checking out this handy article from Food52 that gives a rundown of the sizes of various pans, and some tips for what to watch out for when scaling a recipe. Very useful!

Happy weekend everyone, might I suggest baking a cake?


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