Weekly Reads: Being grateful

Gratitude | ourguidetotheeveryday.com

We’re not American, but if you read any American media it’s hard to escape the anticipation around Thanksgiving. Since we’re living in Europe, I forgot a bit about Canadian Thanksgiving (celebrated in October) – so I feel like I’m getting a second shot at feeling the Thanksgiving spirit. In the spirit of Thanksgiving I’m sharing […]

DIY Tassel Earrings

DIY Tassel earrings | ourguidetotheeveryday.com

Tassels are so now, aren’t they? I’m seeing them everywhere. On baskets, as party décor and on clothing and jewelry. I’ve been thinking about getting some tassel earrings since my sister wore a pair to her wedding this summer. I loved the look, something a little playful and ‘of the moment’ with her classic dress. […]