January, clothes, and organization

As the holidays end, the retail market changes from trying to convince me to buy all the things, to trying to convince me to buy all the things I need to organize those other things I bought. This cycle becomes vaguely exhausting. I hope to write, in the coming months, about some home organization I’m undertaking, but for now let’s talk about clothes.

Back in the summer I first read about Project 333. If you participate in Project 333 you choose 33 items (clothing, accessories, jewelry, outwear, shoes) and those are what you wear for three months. Then, three months later, you choose another set of items. It’s an idea that intrigues me. I like how it doesn’t involve getting rid of clothes (will I need that old interview suit again? probably) but forces me to take a look at everything I own, in an analytical way.

I’ve tried Project 333 twice now, and both times modified it slightly to my own needs. I recommend you do the same. This isn’t a test, there are no grades, you just need to figure out what works for you.


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